Welcome on Villa Calicantus

Can the passion and love for the land, respect for the terroir and the balance between their work and the vineyard that has its roots in the ground to create a unique and exceptional wine?

We at Bike Experience we made the pleasant discovery of Villa Calicantus in Calmasino of Bardolino. I discovered a unique place with our Sommelier Simone Bonini aka Winenbike who presented us Daniele owner of this wonderful place of 1.2 hectares where the wine is produced according to the rules of the Biodynamic without using any chemical product derived both in the vineyard that in the processing phase in the cellar.
The story of Daniele retraces a bit ‘the roots of Bike Experience, in 2011 Daniel decides to leave a secure place in the Bank in Paris to devote himself body and soul to the vineyard he inherited from an aunt, without even knowing where to begin . But one thing was sure to produce a high quality wine through organic production before and after Biodynamic because its purpose and goal is to give the customer a true taste of what nature can give.

And that’s how we at Bike Experience we decided to create a dedicated tour in the company of our Sommelier Winenbike we want to bring to bring to life all this, discover a work of passion and love, an area rich in nature and history of the territory, with views to remain charming, all just a few steps from Lake Garda.