Wine Resort Casino di Caccia – Live a holiday like an emperor!

It is said that the Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria loved the white wine of “Custoza” so much that he tried to transport the terroir of the Custoza Hills to the court of Vienna in order to be able to “taste” the vineyard from which this white was born directly at home .

And it is precisely from these hills and in these hills that often when we enter to visit them we feel if we close our eyes the cool breeze that caresses the face, we get lost with our gaze towards the infinite natural beauty of this magical land, especially in the beautiful clear days.

But it is here that if we close our eyes we can for a moment immerse ourselves in that precise moment where you can hear the rollings of the drums, the pawing of the horses and the slow pace of the armies that in 1848 and 1866 faced each other for that dream of freedom called ” ITALY”.

And while you are immersed in this fabulous scenery you can have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the splendor of the imperial era thanks to a truly special place like the “Wine Resort Casino di Caccia”.

This Wine Resort is a noble residence from the 1700s located on the morainic hills, 15 km from Verona, the city of love. It is immersed in an atmosphere of charm, rich in history, and has a private park with precious essences, centuries-old olive trees that surround the residence, making it the ideal place for relaxing moments. The Residence is completed by an outdoor swimming pool with Jacuzzi, an elegant restaurant, a meeting room and soon a Spa available to guests, all covered by Wi-Fi. It is an ideal location for organizing exclusive weddings, events and any type of ceremony. The 6 rooms of the Residence, including 2 Suites, are furnished with real antiques and objects, where you will spend evocative nights of other times, lulled by the scent of refined linen, the unmistakable taste of an ancient nobility that pervades every corner of this exclusive residence.

But not only the Casino di Caccia is the ideal destination, but actually the ideal starting point for those who want to get lost and be fascinated with a Bike Tour to discover the villages that characterize this area such as Borghetto sul Mincio or discover the beauty of Villafranca, Valeggio, Sona and Sommacampagna places that once explored between beautiful white roads, lush hills that give life to Custoza Doc, Bardolino, but also to native vines, and to the discovery of a truly special food and wine.

With Bike Experience and the Casino di Caccia the bike tour will be a succession of emotions, a slow pedaling, away from mass tourism, between greenery, nature and beauty, an emotion made of smiles and true authenticity. The holiday will be an experience, the experience will be seeing your wonder in the eyes.