Offering a new way to get on holiday with the bicycle, changing the offer of services for a customer who wants to live the territory actively, for a unique emotional experience.

Consulting | Recent market researches demonstrate that an holiday with the bicycle represents a great opportunity for the territory for its development. Investing in the cycleturism means offering to the customer a diversified service, an alternative to the simple stay and the possibility to discover a new territory slowly.




Fabio Boeti

Bike Experience was born from the experience of Fabio Boeti as a cycle amateur asnd cycle tourist and after the professional course held in 2013 at the University as “Promoter of Cycling Mobility”.

For active participation in the new association Ciclone ASDPromoters of cycling mobility constituted by various professionals in order to raise awareness and disseminate more and more activities related to cycling, with particular focus towards cycle-turism. Our mission is to grow up the surrounding terrotory, talk about its story and culture and eno-gastronomic treasures. Offering a moment of intense well-being and relaxation where to slow down, admire, taste and smell the scents and colors that the environment offers us living it on a bicycle.



Elisa Vecerina
Guide of MTB

Elisa Vecerina | alias Guide of MTB | Coaching for the Italian Cycling Federation, director of the FOCUS XC ITALY Team cycling school. I was born to live in the open air, first riding a horse – riding – today the saddle on which I climb, is that of the bike. To make people live the search, the discovery of nature, is a wonderful experience that travel – it is not enough to give it to you. The wheels that turn, drawing endless circles and borders, are the engine of this engaging adventure to share with you. In Valpolicella outputs, where I live, in addition to the discovery the Land, without realizing you will learn driving techniques, and to put them into practice, having fun, convinced that: there is no learning without fun. Albert Einstein said, “Life is like biking, if you want to be in balance you have to move.” And then, I expect you, to move – on bicycles like in life – all together.


Greta Seiwald
Rider MTB

Greta Seiwald | Pro international rider for Focus Bikes | I started 10 years ago to ride, and the same time to race near my home. I already loved the bike. Now i’m 20, i race and sometimes i have to take the plane or take 12 hours to get there. I train each day, step more than 15 hours a week on the bike. And i’m glad i can say: i love her even more.
Thanks to Bike Experience i have know the another bike world. I call it the “Easy Ride” world. Look around, admire the nature, teaching the history and the culture of the people who carry it around doing all this pedaling! Fantastic!

The strategy | Enter on the website of the structure an area dedicated to cycle-turism with all the necessary information, support communication through social, creation of dedicated brochures and customized in Italian and English, creation of the tour package by bike to offer to the customer, communications inside the structure with the creation of a “Bike corner” to let its guests know all about the cycle-turism service. For all this, Bike Experience is an experienced and reliable reference.

Renting a bike branded Kalkhoff

Made in Germany, high quality adapted to all kinds of terrains to grant to the tourist the maximum comfort and relax during the excursion.


He supports the group during the excursion and let the group knows the territory and its features.


Insurance to grant the safety and people guardinship.


Why to use a helmet? Because we want you feel safe during your experience!

Box lunch during the exit

Box lunch on the exit (if not arranged by our reception).

Possibility of tasting

Possibility of tasting local products.

High-quality rental bicycles Kalkhoff brand made in Germany, suitable for all types of soils to ensure tourists the maximum comfort and relaxation during the exit. On request you can provide the same brand also E-Bike for those who like to ride but want a little help during the excursion.