Welcome 2023 – A new season for cycling tourism

We’re finally here, 2023 has begun and after the Christmas holidays and a little break we’re ready to get back on the bike to pedal towards a new and exciting season.

2022 and cycling tourism in our Land.

The year that has just ended has been really special for us at Bike Experience, and there are many reasons, we have started new collaborations with accommodation facilities in the area, we have stabilized our offer of bike tours suitable for everyone with the awareness that more people want to live and discover what surrounds them during their stay, the stories, the villages, the food and wine. We have come out of mass tourism by immersing ourselves and above all by immersing you, the tourists, in truly special places between Lake Garda and Verona.

We are growing from the point of view of training by supporting accommodation facilities that want to become Bike Friendly (here we present a beautiful structure in central Italy), collaborating with public and private bodies to create more and more awareness of slow and sustainable tourism. Our last course which has yet to be concluded saw participants from different parts of Italy.

But above all it was truly exceptional to see so many people with their beautiful smiles who enjoyed our area.

A starting point to improve

All of these make us really happy and grateful because it makes us aware that more and more people see experiential tourism such as cycling an opportunity to get together with friends, relatives, wives, husbands, boyfriends and girlfriends doing activities and much more. And it is from here that we want to continue to improve, making our experiences truly special, starting from activities where people are at the center and building the best possible experience like good craftsmen. Nothing new but improving the relationship between us and you by giving you all that moment of pure beauty by stopping time.

What will 2023 be like for Bike Experience?

In this 2023 there will be some news that we will discover step by step trying to make our own a concept and two words that we have encountered on our path “Pura Vida” more and more we want to enjoy the opportunity to accompany you in the discovery of villages, to tell stories , and anecdotes that the area between Lake Garda and Verona contains. Borghetto sul Mincio, Castellaro Lagusello, but also Lazise, Affi, Bardolino special villages. And then the Terre del Custoza between history and food and wine, immersing yourself in the vineyards that enrich the rolling hills so much. The morainic hills of Garda with Solferino and San Martino della Battaglia with a leap in time. And finally Malcesine, Limone and the beauty of two of the oldest and most beautiful towns. But Pura Vida will be for you who want to seize the moments, to slow down, to live a special experience of leaving the performance, the clock at home and fully enjoying your surroundings.

For us, cycle tourism has no seasons, cycle tourism is all year round, because every season is different and can offer different experiences thanks to nature.

We want to improve collaboration with accommodation facilities, grow and give the possibility of offering a service which, in addition to being increasingly in demand, would make the same a destination to choose to differentiate the offer and ignite in people the possibility of doing something different.

This is the beginning of our 2023 story!