A proposal for everyone, easy and fun.

A proposal for those who want, feel emotions, discover unique places, and doing really special experiences that remain in your heart and that inspire not only the desire for an active holiday, but the discovery of the territory in new and dynamic shape. For the family, for the couple, for friends, but also for companies who want to group, team, and spend days really thoughtless.

Bike Experience will want to enjoy all this.

For information, contact Fabio Boeti: fboeti81@gmail.com – +39 349/6632013


Special Bike Experience Tour | Regarded as among the most beautiful Parks in Europe, the Sigurtà Garden Park is a jewel of about 60 hectares, inside the hills of Custoza, where through lily blooms, lotus flower, tulips and begonias can experience the atmosphere of a unique garden with an ancient history. A beautiful english garden and the avenue of roses will sorround a guided bike tour from Peschiera del Garda along the cycling route of Mincio river accompanied the discovery of this unspoiled corner of nature, to enjoy a unique sensory experience unforgettable.

Package including the Sigurtà park entrance, guide, rent city bike, helmet and insurance.
The cost is about € 50,00 par person for adults and € 35,00 par person for the children from 04 to 14 year.


Special Bike Experience Tour | In the Terre del Garda, the Natura Viva Park in unique. A park behind the times where you can learn ad discover a different species of animals also endagenrent but not only. It will be a jurney through the different continents in the nature to spend time relaxing. Departing from Peschiera del Garda, on the Garda lake and initially entering its hinterland made of vineyards and lush crops, we will reach on the bike the park to be able to live a unique experience to discovery not only the hills, but a real animal protection center of the most unique in the Europe.

Package including the Natura Viva Park entrance, guide, rent bike, helmet and insurance.
The cost is about € 50,00 par person for adults and € 35,00 par person for the children from 04 to 14 year.


Special Bike Experience Tour | Our destination will be the smaller of the winery Bardolino: Villa Calicantus, 1.2 Hecaters of vineyards worked in biodinamic agricolture, a dream of passion, respect and love for the land. Start from Calmasino and we will move inland, we will pass from Affi and along the bike path along the canal of the river Adige will arrive at Rivoli Veronese. Here a brief stop at the bike station La Bottega dal Gilio allow us to refresh ourselves admiring one of the most beautiful views on the Terre dei Forti. We start again heading towards the lake, passing near the Rock of Bardolino. Finally passing through the vineyards, we will come again in Calmasino where we will be welcomed at Villa Calicantus. We laid the bike we’ll do a quick tour in the vineyard to enjoy the wonderfoul view that encopasses the entire lake, and finally we will be able to rest on the porch sipping wine frome the Villa Calicantus and some local products.
The package including guide, rent e-bike, helmet, insurance and lunch break. The cost is 65,00 € par person for adults, 50,00 € par person with the rent city bike. The Wine tasting cost from 15,00 € par person.

The trips with guide and bike rental are performed with minimal groups of 4 and maximum of 10 people, this to ensure adequate assistance to all participants.

With an additional fee you can also book a wine tasting with local products at a wine cellar of our confidence.

For more information please contact Fabio Boeti, guide and organizer of trips to the address mail: fboeti81@gmail.com


High-quality rental bicycles Kalkhoff brand made in Germany, suitable for all types of soils to ensure tourists the maximum comfort and relaxation during the exit. On request you can provide the same brand also E-Bike for those who like to ride but want a little help during the excursion.