Sigurtà Garden Park – Live a Special Experience

The Sigurtà Garden Park is a botanical and naturalistic jewel now known throughout the world, nestled between the splendid morainic hills of the Garda hinterland and the Custoza lands between Lake Garda and Verona.


Because Sigurtà Park is Special

Its endless green spaces alternate with amazing seasonal blooms, such as the spectacular flowering of over a million tulips in March and April, or the Avenue of thirty thousand roses which in May dot the walk for more than a kilometer. Mirrors of water, panoramic avenues, grassy carpets and enchanting views are the protagonists of this wonderful corner of greenery, in addition to the Castelletto, the Hermitage and the very famous Labyrinth, certainly one of the most popular stops for young and old.

Bike Experience allows lovers of two wheels to experience and discover, with daily bicycle excursions right at the Sigurtà Park, allowing tourists to explore this garden with ancient history in a slow way, to appreciate the natural and landscape beauties it offers.

Try to close your eyes, stop and…

Imagine the beauty of entering this park and pedaling among the wonders it contains. You will immerse yourself in a path that winds along porphyry paths, you will explore the most evocative places of the Park, for a beautiful mix of history and nature. Breathe in the park while enjoying a moment of pure relaxation. You will stop to enjoy a panoramic view of the splendid Mincio valley, and you will also be able to imagine the moments lived by Napoleon III and Franz Joseph of Austria on the hill of the Emperors who discussed peace and armistice after the battle of June 24, 1859 which marked the end with the Peace of Villafranca of the second Italian War of Independence.


This wonderful Garden Park will be the highlight of a very special bicycle tour that will start from Borghetto, an enchanting medieval village built on the banks of the river, and which will continue along the Mincio cycle path, being accompanied to discover this unspoilt corner of nature.

Cycle tourism and slow tourism are really important to us

The true essence  of Bike Experience is precisely that of allowing travelers to come into contact with the landscape in a more authentic and profound way, actively immersing themselves in the reality in which the holiday is carried out, obviously in a green way. An experience to live together with family, friends, for adults and children, because it is easy and fun for a truly special day.

Seize every moment, live unique experiences appreciating everything around us to the fullest: this is our philosophy. A day with us turns into a perfect escape from everyday life, experimenting with new immersive activities that involve all the senses. Because you know, simple things are always the most beautiful!