New partnership with Romeo and Juliet local Guided

Starting the new partnership for your next Experience with the Romeo and Juliet local guided.

With the Virginia and Sara the event planner coordinator and the Sommelier, our mission consist in the luxury travel experiences in Italy. Two passionate Verona-savvy girls will be happy to carry you through an unusual Verona experience while discovering what the real “made in Italy” means.

Romeo and Juliet agency, We offer travel planning services and custom-designed experiences. We are here to inspire you to travel the way you imagine it in your dreams. Our services are a gateway to the local lifestyle, totally adapted to your needs.

Bike Experience want to offer with the Romeo and Juliet agency two great MTB Bike Tour to discover the Valpolicella land’s and Verona, in the nature with the expert MTb Guide to live a unique Bike Experience during your holidays.

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