Monte del Frà – Wine and Bike Experience from the “Terre del Custoza”

“Absolute and sincere quality to toast to life every day” and we also add joy, carefree and lightness.

Yes, because for us, as you well know by now, cycling is life, and especially for Bike Experience it means making you live new experiences that can be mixed between the pleasure of a beautiful ride, and the relaxation that a good glass of wine can give you, especially if produced. with love.

Today we take you to the discovery of one of the oldest companies in the “Terre del Custoza”. Founded in 1958 by the brothers Bonomo Eligio and Claudio, the Monte del Frà company with its name dates back to 1492, when the estate belonged to the Friars of Santa Maria della Scala in Verona. But not only from Monte del Frà you can also immerse yourself in history because where today there are the vineyards and the company in 1848 and 1866 with the battles of Custoza, Piedmontese generals and soldiers first Italian afterwards and Austrians marched and fought strenuously.

To date, the company has expanded into the most representative wine-growing areas of the Verona area: Custoza, Lugana, Valpolicella and Soave. All wines are produced with their own grapes, innovative fermentation techniques and the choice of eco-sustainable agriculture in the countryside. This is how wines of extreme elegance and finesse are born, appreciated and recognized throughout the world.
The company’s wines, elegant and balanced, have received international recognition over the years. Gambero Rosso magazine has evaluated the Custoza Superiore Ca ‘del Magro with the recognition of “3 glasses” for 11 consecutive years, while the Wine Enthusiast magazine has selected Amarone della Valpolicella among its top 100 wines. Hospitality is of vital importance here.

But above all with Monte del frà and Bike Experience you can immerse yourself in the discovery of the territory by bicycle, combining the pleasure of being in nature, discovering villages and stories, admiring the landscape that is lost visibly up to Monte Baldo from the morainic hills and then taste the magnificent wines that are born with work and love in this farm.

These include a beautiful Ebike Tour  among the vineyards, the history, the landscapes and the emotion of a land with an ancient flavor. These are the ingredients for a short but intense cycling experience. Starting from our farm you can discover some of the most important vineyards that give life to our wines. Montegodio, Bagolina, Staffalo, Cà del Magro historical names for a territory that of Custoza which saw the battles of 1848 and 1866 for the unification of Italy. The story tells that Franz Joseph loved these hills so much that he had the vines and earth from these countryside transported around Vienna. A short but intense tour that will allow you to taste the best wines on your return.



In short, we believe 2021 will be a truly fantastic year to experience cycling tourism.