Le Palme Village – a Holiday at zero kilometers from the Sea

Talking about cycle tourism to develop a new tourist vocation for the area has now become the norm. The cycling holiday given in the last two years has been the one that has had the greatest increase in terms of experience, of people who want to be outdoors and who through the slow flow of two wheels rediscover the pleasure of getting lost with eyes, mind and heart in the beauty of our villages, in nature and obviously also in food and wine.

All the territories from North to South are trying to create an offer and give shape to cycling destinations that can showcase the beauty that our country can offer to the foreign and Italian public. Organizing a territory to make it a destination often requires time-consuming and lengthy procedures because the times of the public administration must also be respected.

Different speech if instead it wants to become a destination as an accommodation facility. By now, selling rooms is not enough if you want to increase the level of your customers, if you want to retain them or possibly renew them. This is the case of an accommodation facility in central Italy that has decided to continue to grow by always offering new opportunities in an area that, if only it developed a minimum of “cycle tourism”, could easily compete with much more noble areas.

Le Palme Village is a small Tourist Village of Terracina (LT) along the Tyrrhenian coast of Lazio along the Riviera di Ulisse which starts from the beautiful promontory of San Felice Circeo up to Gaeta. A land made of legend since here Ulysses as narrated in the Odyssey lived one of his adventures fascinated by the sorceress Circe. But this mail is based on a very particular philosophy, ZERO METERS FROM THE SEA and already because the two brothers Ubaldo and Stefano Fusco have been able to grasp the challenges and changes that the tourist accommodation market is asking for, because thanks to this philosophy they want make you feel really on vacation.

In recent years Le Palme Village has been implementing a real change, in the meantime starting from the welcome, in their idea there is not that of a classic campsite, but of a truly unique place. Thanks to the new types of Suites that will allow you to enjoy every comfort for young and old with truly special panoramic views.

For the little ones then the opportunity to enjoy one of the most beautiful seas in Italy.

But here we enter the second change, Terracina is a country that historically thanks to its mild temperatures has allowed professional cycling teams, before they began to frequent the Spanish resorts, to organize the first seasonal retreats. To name a few, Marco Pantani and Mercatone Uno, Damiano Cunego, Ivan Basso, Vincenzo Nibali are just some of the most important names who started planning the season here. And so at the Palme Village a completely new project dedicated to the development of cycle tourism in this area began. A territory that, as mentioned before, thanks to its proximity between the sea and the mountains, can represent a valid alternative to much more renowned places such as Finale Ligure and Massa Vecchia. An area in the south of Lazio suitable for all types of cyclists and cycle tourists.

Yes, because here racing bike, gravel or MTb becomes pure fun thanks to its hinterland that will allow you to discover truly unique and special places such as Terracina and its ancient village, San Felice Circeo, Sperlonga, Gaeta and for those who want to pedal. abbeys and churches because along these roads of the Via Francigena Sud.

These are days of work for all the camping staff precisely because creating and proposing cycle tourism does not have to be improvised and therefore a whole series of services is being organized to welcome and offer experiences for everyone, for experts and for those who want to discover of special places.

In these days the staff was able to visit La Stazione del Sole in Borgo Grappa along the “EUROVELO7” cycling route, the longest and most beautiful in Europe, for a 360 ° experience in the hinterland of the Pontine plain, a journey into biodiversity and particularity of this area which for many can also be living a particular history given that the Pontine Plain was redeveloped thanks to the population who moved from Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia and live in the various farms in the area.

Or discover the beauty of the Circeo natural park, a place of legend, but also a unique nature reserve where time has stopped and where you can breathe deeply all that surrounds you, together with Circeo Be Wilde.

In short, to conclude at 2 Le Palme Village “we are building something unique for the area where you can offer an active holiday made of quality, nature, food and wine, relaxation and discovery of what surrounds you, are you ready to experience all this?