It’s Time for the “Bike Experience Gift Card”, Happy Christmas Time

Christmas is fast approaching, and the countdown begins today.
We are on the first Sunday of “Advent” and is about to start the race for Christmas gifts.

Which one will be the best? What will the 2019 trends be?

We at “Bike Experience”, we thought that there is nothing more beautiful than giving an “Emotion” to the people you care about most. So it’s nice to introduce you our “Bike Experience Gift Card”.


Because a cycling experience to discover Lake Garda, its hinterland like the Terre del Custoza, the hills of the Garda Lake but also Valpolicella or Verona can be an unexpected thing, a little thought, an escape from everyday life, or a good opportunity to experience a sensory experience completely different from everyday life.

We like to think that Christmas is the best time for a gift made with the heart, and therefore we are even more convinced that this can be the right occasion to really do something different for oneself and for others.

And then it’s nice to think that we can really live and discover unique places, far from mass tourism, in a “slow” and “green” way.

But how does it work?

It is very simple to choose one of the experiences we have, we will validate the purchase once the payment is received, we personalize with name and surname and finally we send you a copy that you can have printed wherever you want. All very simple, but remember this heartfelt thought will be valid until  May 2019.

We will be really happy to let you experience our Bike Experiences!

Merry Christmas from the heart.

Fabio Boeti

Bike Experience