Garda lake Bike and Discover Your next Experience

Do you like the Garda lake? Do you like the Bike Experience to discover the land absorbed in the nature, history and the tipycal product?

You can discover all this, also with Garda Lake Bike. 

Garda Lake Bike is an information portal created by a team of people who love bicycle riding, the land and nature to promote the best cycle tours in Lake Garda and surrounding inland in addition to its beautiful sites and peculiarities. Our passion for sustainable mobility together with our love for the land inspired us to share our riding experiences, knowledge and skills and organize and offer tours and routes so you can experience the adventure of discovering Lake Garda riding your bike.

Garda Lake Bike is also a business network project designed for local operators and businesses to make connections, collaborate and carry out shared and transversal activities.

Our philosophy

We believe that the destination of a trip is not as important as how it’s done and with whom. Whether with family or friends or even alone, what matters is that you feel good with yourself, enjoy nature and see beautiful sites, using sustainable and environmentally safe modes of transport.

Bicycle riding is not just a way to get around, it is most of all a vehicle for travelling and discovering places, history and culture, and their food and wine and hospitality traditions. This is how we went about making the platform, collecting and introducing cycle tours in the lower Lake Garda and surrounding inland areas that we ourselves designed and tested, so tourists vacationing on Lake Garda can ride their bikes to move around and discover their surroundings.

What we do

We study, create and test low-to-average difficulty routes, suitable for everyone. We promote tours of various types with cyclotour guides, we create new and custom tours based on what tourists request. The routes that we create and suggest run mostly on secondary, low-traffic roads, which may or may not have their own road signs, and may include bicycle paths. In any case, we follow Road Code standards and the itineraries are to be enjoyed in an aware and safe manner. Our website provides information on the layout of the land, main points of interest and other interesting historical, environmental and cultural tidbits.