Bike Experience is a group of sensible and fitted structures, a number of trendy and reliable bicycles (but you may use yours!), serious and passionate companions who know really well the ambient where you i twill be possible for you to see with new eyes Verona, Custoza’s lands and the fantastic panoramas on Garda Lake and Mincio river.

Scrolling down the page you can discover the wine cellars and wine shops that already offer the Bike Experience services with seriousness and dedication, they will satisfy all your desire to bike but also good cuisine and culinary authenticity.




Lying on rolling moraine hills of Custoza’s lands, the farm Venciu born from the passion of the cultivation of vines that has always characterized the family Venturelli along the steps of pruning that prepare the growth of the first shoots up to full ripening of the grapes.

Visitors can immerse themselves in this atmosphere genuine and waft the scents and colors of our wines from the most famous in the Custoza DOC area. With Venciu you can taste local products such as the Custoza DOC or the red Bardolino DOC typical of these lands. But above all, you can let Federico accompany you in the discovery of wines produced with the native grapes of the area. Garganega IGT is a wine with delicate aromas, with a pleasant and fresh flavor to combine with delicate appetizers, fish dishes and grilled vegetables. La Corvina IGT elegant and full-bodied red where 60% of grapes are aged in wooden barrels.


VENCIU Azienda Agricola
Via San Rocco, 15
Sona (Verona)
Tel. 045/6095083



In Custoza in the municipality of Sommacampagna, in the fertile and suggestive “Valle dei Mulini” through woods and fields bordering the river Tione, the Tabarini family waiting for you to discover and taste delicious artisan products made with that factor which is called “LOVE FOR YOUR GROUND “.

For three generations the family takes care and lovingly preserves an extraordinary and genuine territory, between agriculture and breeding, in a 0-km chain producing excellent ice creams also inventing particular tastes with seasonal products in the surrounding area, such as ice cream Broccoletto Custoza or the White Wine Custoza d.o.c. The farm is also characterized by the production of fresh cheese, mature and blue. Welcomed in their private outdoor garden guests can taste the products, but above all enjoy a relaxing moment immersed in nature.

corte vittoria-azienda-agricola

CORTE VITTORIA Azienda Agricola
Via Valle Molini, 20
Sommacampagna (Verona)
Tel. 045/516104

MONTE del Frà


“Absolute and sincere quality for a daily toast to life” is the wine idea of the Monte del Frà farm.

Monte del Frà was founded in 1958 by the brothers Bonomo Eligio and Claudio. The name dates back to 1492 when the estate belonged to the Friars of Santa Maria della Scala in Verona. To date, the company is expanding into the most representative wine-growing areas of the Verona area: Custoza, Lugana, Valpolicella and Soave. All wines are produced with their own grapes, innovative fermentation techniques and the choice of eco-sustainable agriculture in the countryside. This is how wines of extreme elegance and finesse are born, appreciated and recognized all over the world.
The company’s wines, elegant and balanced, have received international recognition over the years. Gambero Rosso magazine has rated Custoza Superiore Ca ‘del Magro with the award of “3 glasses” for 11 consecutive years, while Wine Enthusiast magazine has selected Amarone della Valpolicella among its top 100 wines. Hospitality is of vital importance here. Visitors can come throughout the year and choose from the many activities that allow you to learn while having fun such as: incentive games, cooking classes, blind tastings and trekking through the vineyards.

Azienda Agricola Monte del Frà
Strada Custoza,35
Sommacampagna (Verona)
Tel. +39 045510490

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La Bottega
dal Gilio


A place SIMPLE AND TRUE, which still speaks of traditions, quiet life, a sense of civility and genuine.

Standardized against a world that has robbed us of aromas, flavors, quality Bottega Dal Gilio, in his small, want to rediscover and share the craftsmanship, good food and good drink, go directly from the manufacturer to find FLAVOURS AND FLAVORS AND IN THE TERRITORY, through its products that we identify as EXPRESSIONS OF TERRITORY. A place where, as well as grocery shopping, you can stay together, take a break from the speed of everyday life, eat a quick meal genuine, a drink, a cutting board, make two words with the three women by the workshop and know a little more this jewel that is Rivoli Veronese. An outdoor space to enjoy your break in the heart of the old town and the path of the Sun Cycle. A pretty little Bike Station located between Valdadige and Lake Garda at the foot of Mount Baldo, where friends of the bicycle find the Bike Menu to 2.50 euro, Guides about Cicle Paths and for the less fortunate also sos self service kit. We wait between a pedal and the other!

La Bottega Dal Gilio

La Bottega Dal Gilio
Piazza Napoleone I, 13
37010 Rivoli Veronese (VR)
Tel. +39 045 7281208



I Giardini di Borghetto is the only place that combines love for food & wine, art & history, nature & sports in a charming 1800s perfectly restored building located in the public park between Valeggio and Borghetto.

Recently opened, the restaurant is not only a refreshment point offering homemade dishes related to the culinary tradition of the area, but a meeting point for tourists and curious interested in living the territory at 360°. The services we offer are many: an info point with a wide variety of information material, various types of guided tours (historical-artistic and gourmet food) that wind up in the area between Borghetto, Valeggio and surroundings, cooking classes of tortellini to learn all together the art of Valeggio sul Mincio cuisine, bike storage and more….The Giardini di Borghetto offer all year round musical, cultural, wine tasting events and offers their own private event halls. All seasoned with love for our Land.

I Giardini di Borghetto
Str. Viscontea,533
Valeggio sul Mincio (Verona)
Tel. 045/4743330

Le Vigne di San Pietro


Le Vigne di San Pietro is a unique “island of land” on the morainic hills of Lake Garda, in the Veneto region, located in the North-Eastern part of Italy. The 10-hectar winery was founded in 1980 by Sergio and Franca Nerozzi, my parents. My father decided to relocate his family from the busy city to the countryside, looking for a place of beauty and nature as well as a productive land.After two years of patient research, fate brought us here to Le Vigne di San Pietro, at this unique strategically located place between Lake Garda and the beautiful city of Verona.

Our soil is exceptionally suited for the production of wine grapes. The ancient remains and the consistently high quality of production that we have been achieving over the years, speak for Le Vigne di San Pietro’s uniqueness in many ways. My parents were very wise people. The morainic soil is composed of a mix of clay, limestone, and glacial origins, rich in minerals. The microclimate is influenced by the near Lake Garda which enhances the grapevines’ qualities and serves to bring the best from this special soil. The vineyards are surrounded by a small forest of diverse tree species, creating rich biodiversity, instrumental for the balanced growth of the grapevines. The land is not tilled and the grass in the vineyards is mechanically maintained, without the use of any commercial herbicides. Green manure is used to enrich the soil and increase biodiversity. Grapes are picked by hand, collected in cases and addressed after cooling within a few hours from the harvest. Our white grape varieties are Garganega, Trebbiano, Trebbianello, Manzoni Bianco, Cortese. Our red berried grapes are Corvina, Rondinella, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.
We are honoured to work this special land and produce the best wines our knowledge and tradition can provide.

Le Vigne di San Pietro Soc. Agr. Srl
Via San Pietro,23
Sommacampagna (Verona)
Tel. +39 045 510016

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Cantina Casa Tione


From the Passion to produce, to the Pleasure for the wine tasting.

The history of our company begins with grandpa Luigi (born in 1913), who passed on to us his passion for the vineyard. Subsequently, dad Lino has transformed this passion into a job. It is in their honor that we named two of our best bottles of wine: “Bianco 1913” and “Rosso PROTETTO”.

After they both passed away, their cultural heritage has been passed on to the son Giovanni and the nephew Andrea. Still today, Father and son take care and manage the winery with the same passion and dedication as their ancestors. We have been producers of wine and grapes for three generations now. Since 2019, we have begun to vinify our product with maximum attention to the prime material, the grape. At the foundation of our production is the respect and the consideration of the land where our vineyard grows. The logo “CASA TIONE” has been acknowledged since the beginning of our journey, and that is why we have decided not to modify it. In addition, maintaining the logo was a sign of respect for the people who contributed in the realization of this project, and for those who lived in this land. Our winery is placed in the valley of the river Tione, between the Morainic hills of Santa Lucia Ai Monti and Custoza; scene of historical battles for the independence of our Nation.
“We inherit this land from our fathers, and we pass it on to our children”.


Azienda Agricola Casa Tione
Via Caselle, 4 – Valeggio sul Mincio (Vr)

Tel. +39 045 6303997

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The Winery name comes from the term “One piò” ,a measurement used by local farmers within the Brescia Province of Northern Italy. One piò represents “1/3 of a hectare”, dimension of the Winery itself.
Onepiò is a Winery that combines the modern architectonic lines to the farm life tradition.

Welcomed by Ilaria Accordini young wine producer grown in the family vineyards, you will take a sensory journey of scents and colors to discover some typical local wines as Lugana and Valpolicella. You will live a unique experience thanks to a rich territory and that will offer a wine pairing and typical unique product.


ONEPIO’ Winery
Località Fiocazzola 1B
Desenzano del Garda (BS)
Tel. +39 030 9103610

Want to become a structure
Bike Experience?




Fabio Boeti

Bike Experience was born from the experience of Fabio Boeti as a cycle amateur asnd cycle tourist and after the professional course held in 2013 at the University as “Promoter of Cycling Mobility”.

For active participation in the new association Cyclone ASD – Promoters of cycling mobility constituted by various professionals in order to raise awareness and disseminate more and more activities related to cycling, with particular focus towards cycle-turism.

High-quality rental bicycles Kalkhoff brand made in Germany, suitable for all types of soils to ensure tourists the maximum comfort and relaxation during the exit. On request you can provide the same brand also E-Bike for those who like to ride but want a little help during the excursion.