For many years, food and wine has been proving to be a flagship in the promotion of a true and genuine Made in Italy all over the world. People travel to get to know local italian products, taste and experience them.Visiting monuments, cities and landscapes it is always an unforgettable experience in Italy .

Food and Wine Tourism and the importance of letting people experience the land.

There are places so memorable that stay in your heart forever and you feel the need of visiting them again and again. While visiting italy you can have for sure a truly authentic and unique experience visiting wineries and farm. The welcome and family approach warm your heart and makes yourself jump in the past where tecnology was not important and time was used to share joy and wine with friends.

Values, passion and love for the land, this is what people show while strolling around this beautiful country.

Wine and food tourism is actually a niche tourism. It knows how to enhance the territory and turns out to be the starting point for the enhancement and promotion of those territories in a sustainable and conscious way far away from mass tourism that turns out to be very consumerist.


The Lands of Custoza: Enogastronomy and Cyclotourism

Bycicle touring support the enhancement of the rural and local area, combined with wine and food is able to provide a memorable experience.


Cyclotourism represents a simple, but absolutely unique, beautiful, and special way of discovering our territories in a slow and conscious way, telling stories, visiting small villages, immersing oneself in nature and in those corners that can only be experienced thanks to cycling. How nice is it to stop under a porch, sit down and treat yourself to an experience inside a farm tasting their typical products starting with precisely those that are excellences such as wine?

The Lands of Custoza are just the perfect mix. Thanks to their geographical position between Lake Garda and Verona, their gentle hills that date back to the period of glaciation, and a mild climate, this territory has always been characterized by the cultivation of native vines. Garganega, Corvina, and Rondinella create wines particularly appreciated nationally and internationally such as the white Custoza Doc and the red “Bardolino doc”.

A territory rich in history and nature that that allows people to visit unique places such as Custoza, Borghetto sul Mincio, Valeggio, Villafranca di Verona.

It is even said that during the Austrian rule of these territories, Emperor Franz Joseph loved the white Custoza and Garganega grapes so much that he tried to transfer the land to the court in Vienna to start production.

Living Experiences will allow people to experience the territory.

Bycicle touring and food and wine experience are a great opportunity to fully immerse ourself in these territories. With the e-bike people can move, generating endorphins, which create good mood and then between smiles and relaxation enjoy how much of beauty the bicycle can give you. Precisely Trekking E-bikes experiences can be open to everyone, groups of friends, couples, families who like to do something different even if not very trained and therefore even if not sportive ones. Bycicletouring becomes an opportunity then to take time for others, take a selfie, share your pics with friends and enjoy landscapes.

Once you arrive at the cellars meet the winemakers and share their high quality wines with them.

At Monte del Frà this is exactly what they want to offer. Get welcomed in one of the most well known farms of the Custoza area, recent winners of the “Best Wine Tourism 2023” for experiences. At this winery, through passion and love the land and sustainability is a priority and you will have the opportunity to pair wine and food after cycling and exploring the sorroundings with your e-bike. It twill make your vacation unique and special.

At this winery wine and nature match together to give you truly exciting experiences: picnics in the vineyard, horseback riding, and e-bike tours or wine yoga on the scenic hillside. Try them and makes your summer holidays special.

So what do you say are you ready to start a beautiful Bike Experience with us?