So finally here we are, the beautiful days, the sun, the heat, the air that warms up and the desire to be outdoors that returns stronger than before.

By now the month of May has given us a very special season in our hands and with it the desire to regain contact with nature returns, to treat yourself to a moment of pure relaxation to rediscover that connection with the earth and mother nature that belongs to us and that due to a life made of running, stress, work commitments we are losing.

It is precisely for this reason that for us at Bike Experience the important thing is not to let people ride a bicycle, that you can do it at any time, but for us it is important, indeed essential to make you live an experience that can lead you to share a moment, marvel at what surrounds you, come back to life, discover breathing while having fun every single moment that with the utmost simplicity cycle tourism can give you by immersing yourself in the beauty of the Terre del Custoza, the Morainic hills of Garda, everything you can discover between villages and nature right between Lake Garda and Verona.

Precisely for this reason that the tour is for couples, friends, for a stag or hen party or a corporate event “Enjoy Your Ride” is our motto to focus on people and dedicate them a real moment of relaxation, carefree, wonder and connection letting thoughts turn off and letting your imagination fly.

We love and we are grateful when you write to us what you would like to do, how and when and for us the essential thing is to build the best possible and rewarding experience on the basis of our Bike tours to ensure that you will have an indelible memory of everything you will do by creating more. before coming that very subtle desire for experience.

So are you ready to live this beautiful Bike Experience too ?