There are stories that sometimes in order to discover them you have to live them firsthand. Because it is not always possible to reach everything and know about everything. Sometimes it happens that from a simple contact the real bond between the territory and tourism slow tourism.

When in 2015 we were starting our business a mutual friend told me contact this person he has a small cellar but you will see that you will be pleasantly surprised. And that’s how I picked up the phone and contacted Federico from the Venciu Farm, went to see him and was pleasantly surprised by what I found.

It was a wonderful meeting because I found myself talking not with a simple entrepreneur, but with an entire family that makes love for the land its main value. I found myself talking to people who get up early every morning, go to the fields, work sweat and give so much to ensure that their product is of absolute quality.

It took only a moment to understand that Venciu was what I was looking for, a place where everything could become an experience, a place to taste wine, the product of a territory like that of Custoza which has a truly unique quality in its deep heart and that is the land . I understood that cycling in this area by combining a tasting and sensory experience from Venciu could truly become something exceptional. It’s been a few years now since we left together but what I can say is just a huge thank you. Yes, because in recent years we at Bike Experience and our customers have always felt welcomed with love in a family.

When you go to Venciu you don’t taste a wine but you taste its qualities, you taste its history linked to the territory and the traditions it represents, and above all you can discover high quality products.

Each Venciu label is combined with the land, in fact since last year the new labels represent the places that distinguish the production vineyards and a true reference to the places they represent.

And this is how if you decide to taste the typical Custoza Doc of the area, the reference is made to the monument that characterizes the “Terre del Custoza”, that is the Ossuary of Custoza in perennial memory of the battles for the Risorgimento and the Unification of Italy of 1848 and 1866.

Bardolino Doc, the typical red that takes its name from one of the most important towns on Lake Garda, in its label represents the immensity and beauty of one of the most important lakes for tourism and not only in Europe.

And then there are the IGTs of wines produced with pure grapes that are also used for Custoza and Bardolino, but which alone allow you to have a truly special food and wine experience.

Garganega IGT is a white with delicate aromas, with floral and fruity scents and a pleasant and fresh flavor suitable for appetizers and fish dishes. His label recalls a very important place for Venciu. We are talking about Monte Oliveto where most of the vineyard is located and where at the top you can experience a tasting in the shade of magnificent cypresses, also crossing a beautiful olive grove.

And to finish the new comes Corvina IGT an elegant and full-bodied red structured with hints of red fruit such as cherries, plums and spices. The peculiarity of this red is that its grapes are left to dry and subsequently aged in wooden barrels. Here too its label recalls the territory, especially that of San Rocco and its small church, right where Venciu has its headquarters and where the vineyards of this fabulous wine are located.

Finally you can also taste an excellent sparkling wine made with the typical grapes of this area.

What can we say more the season is almost upon us and we can’t wait to make you live this wonderful experience.